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If you are looking for flats in Palakkad, then look no further, Chathamkulam builders have the answer for your flat requirements in Palakkad. Chathamkulam builders have more than 15 years experience in building construction and is offering a house for sale at Palakkad. The Chathamkulam Pride Park offers flats in Tharekkad, Palakkad the district capital of Palakkad, near the Head Post Office, you can easily make your dreams of living in 2/3 BHK apartments.

The Pride Park apartments in Palakkad consist of 29 Flats in 2 and 3 BHK format with an area ranging from 1147 - 1769 Sq.ft. The flat complex is designed with sufficient parking space for visitors and exclusive parking area for the owners. You would love the massive 1000 Sq.ft, visitor?s lounge, designed to conceive the privacy factor of your family and visitors. Apart from that, you would be immensely pleased that the flats come with several amenities like electronically controlled security gates, which do not require you to get outside or inside from your vehicles.







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