Joint Venture Development (JV) Scheme

"Investment has never been so Interesting!!"

Smart & Safe Investment Plans from Chathamkulam Group with opportunity of around 20% or above return on investment.
Chathamkulam Group invites Investors to be part of our expanding business ventures.
Investments can be by way of Capital (1 crore & above) or by Land (1 Acre or above) for Joint Development Ventures.

On the journey towards economic growth of the company to its vision with proven experience from various projects in past several years, decided to spread up with trend setting projects.

  • We are inviting you all to be a proud partner with Chathamkulam Group on its way towards the economic growth as a ring of a strong chain.
  • You can have a land in your/firm's name and earn better with the support & infrastructure of Chathamkulam Group

Partners guide

Promoter's details

  • Chathamkulam Projects & Developers Pvt Ltd has a glorious track record with more than 1500 satisfied customers in various projects having its branches in Palakkad, Coimbatore & Cochin.
  • It is our privilege to proudly announce that we are a company who provides life time maintenance, service & true value buy back.

Business model

  • To promote Residential projects, Flats & Villas in prime locations in a strategy to come up with trend setting projects with quality world class specification of community living like never before to make life simple.
  • The land will be in the name of land owner suitable for residential flats or villa construction with a marketable title free from encumbrance.
  • Company will scrutinise the land legally and physically and if found viable will, provide a JV plan.
  • Joint venture plan will be prepared considering the requirement of built-up area or money by the land owner.
  • JV agreement will be registered with share ratios, cost of exchange area if any, along with the annexure of format of power of attorney.
  • After obtaining of building permit as per the ratio of joint venture plans, the land owner will provide registered power of attorney.
  • Thereby, this joint venture will be a win win business plan and the land owner will get high appreciation for his share or high rental benefits.

Investment Returns & Exit/Transfer Policy

  • The land owner can very well sell the property to third parties or, company will do it on their behalf and can very well re invest if found good.
  • By way of agreement, it is made very clear about the shares of both parties at all point of time.

Scope of Appreciation

scope of appreciation

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