About Chathamkulam group

Chathamkulam Group established in 1969, with strong business heritage forged by 45 years of service in various industries is testament to the company’s commitment, competency and consistency in all that we do. The growth of the company is the legacy of Shri Bhavadas Chathamkulam who guided the direction of Chathamkulam Group for many years as founder and Chairman. Over the years Chathamkulam Group have ventured into various multifaceted activities in real estate, infrastructure development, imports & exports etc. and today we are the market leaders in these fields.

We consider that the keys to our success are to be found in a ‘no compromise’ attitude to the fundamental family values of integrity and respect that we have forged over the past 45 years. These are values that have come from past but are values that we jealously defend to this day.

Complete customer satisfaction. That is the principle that has guided us along our journey so far, and it remains our goal today. From the beginning, we have focused on providing customers with a level of service that keeps them coming back to us. To maintain that focus, we hire smart, motivated men and women into our Management Training Program. We train them thoroughly. And, from the day they become front-line employees, we tie their career advancement directly to their success in completely satisfying customers.

As our client, our foremost aim is to provide you with competent products. We stand by your side and support you with our professional competence, while seeking together efficient and Cost-saving ways to provide you best home solutions. With us, you have a partner who is personally committed to you.